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Rebuilt Transmissions in Fort Wayne, Indiana

Extend the life of your vehicle with a reliable rebuilt transmission from Summit Transmission, Inc., in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Professional and affordable transmission service. American and imported vehicles, front wheel drive, all wheel drive, 2 drive and 4 wheel drive vehicles. medium and heavy trucks, fleet vehicles. Hundreds of exchange units in stock.

Quality, Accuracy, & Reliability

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Customers have relied on our services since 1985 for rebuilt transmissions with firm price quotes on automatic transmissions and clutches. We honor most extended/after market warranties. Our service tech can test drive your vehicle free of charge to ensure the accuracy of all diagnoses on automatic ... Read more

Free Towing

Free Towing - Summit Transmission Inc. - Fort Wayne, Indiana
Don't worry about the cost of having your vehicle towed, even if you are 60 miles away. Any major repair comes with free towing for your peace of mind.

Contact us for a quote on a rebuilt automatic transmission.